Finals of 50 Best Indies of 2016 – Last Day!

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Hi all!

If you didn’t already know, Fall of Thrones and Thorns made it to the FINALS of the 50 Best Indie Books of 2016! Today’s the last day to cast your vote– you can vote twice in each category and I would so appreciate the help in getting a little extra exposure for my work!

You can vote on

(If you’re redirected to the main site, here are are some step-by-step instructions to get you to where you can vote!)

  • Hover over “The 50 Best Indie Books of the Year” on the top menu
  • Select “Nominate the Best of 2016” from the drop-down
  • Choose “Fantasy” from the genre choices
  • Scroll below the book covers to find “Fall of Thrones and Thorns,” choose the box next to it, and and hit “submit!”

You can vote twice, as well as vote in all the categories, so be sure to look around for your other favorite indie authors! ^_~ And thank you all so much for getting me and Fall of Thrones and Thorns this far.

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