Translations, Narrations, and Progress, Oh My!

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Hello, friends!

I didn’t want another several months to go by without updating you on life and books and work and such.

SO. What have I been up to?

Writing Things:

  • Progress on Lady Pirates is slow… but it’s progress nonetheless! I’m doing my best to puzzle out the plot with the aid of a 5-subject notebook, and I’m sharing teasers from said progress over on Instagram:

Well, it isn't Tuesday… but have a teaser anyway ūüėČ

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  • I’ve also been doing a lot of research for this book… on everything from what pirates ate, to their officer rankings, to historical lady pirates like Anne Bonny

Book Things:

  • Translations of Threats of Sky and Sea are officially in the works! Look out for a Spanish edition first and an Italian translation after that. Other translations (hopefully!) to come!

Audiobook Things:

  • I’m¬†finally¬†wrapping up production in the next couple of weeks on the fabulous Elodie Nowodazkij’s¬†One, Two, Three.¬†It’s taken me a while to get this out after doing the narration of prequel One Dream Only¬†(between bouts with depression and simply not having recording time/space), but I’m¬†very¬†excited that listeners will be able to see what happens to Elodie’s tortured ballerina Nata, who is fighting like hell after an accident that took both her father and (possibly) her ability to ever dance again.

  • Also wrapping very soon: production on S. Usher Evans’s¬†Alliances¬†(Book #2 in the Razia series). You may have noticed that I narrated Book 1, Double Life,¬†and¬†I’ve so enjoyed reuniting with Lyssa and other familiar characters in Evans’s sci-fi piracy world and I think listeners will love it as well!

Look out for both of these on Audible soon!

Life Things:

  • I visited my second state of the year! In a happy coincidence, I visited Wisconsin for some 4th of July fun the same weekend that my best friend since childhood moved to the state. We managed to meet up for an all-too-brief lunch, during which I got to meet her new baby.

Got to meet the BFF's little one and got the second new state of the year in the books!

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  • I’ve also taken in a few more concert, theatre, and sporting events, like:
    • Pitbull/Enrique Iglesias
    • Miami Marlins baseball games
    • Dierks Bentley
    • Finding Neverland
    • Cirque du Soleil: Ovo

I’m in a good place these days and looking forward to seeing what else the year has to offer! What are you looking forward to?

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